Types of Saunas: The Ultimate Guide

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When you hear the word sauna, you may likely have an image of relaxation, beading sweat rolling down your temples, and the feeling of your breath in the hot steam of your sauna bath. For many, sauna bathing is a haven where the moment you step into that sauna, you leave behind everything heavy and indulge in some seriously-deserved relaxation. But it’s not just about relaxing, the health benefits are countless and the science to back it up is copious. Whether you're new to the world of saunas or simply looking to expand your knowledge, we’ve got you covered. We pride ourselves on offering a vast collection of saunas and keeping you informed about all things sauna-related. Without further ado, let’s dive into the diverse world of saunas!

The Classic: Traditional Saunas

Traditional saunas originate from Finland and are heated using either electric or wood-fired heaters. This could be a powered heater with coils, and sometimes they may be designed to have rocks on the top that can be heated up so you can pour water over top to steam things up. WIth the use of pouring water on the sauna, this is what is considered a “wet sauna.”

"A traditional Finnish sauna is an experience that taps into the very essence of relaxation."

For some, the type of wood your sauna is made from will be a key choice, but that distinction may not be important to everyone. If you love the scent of aromatic wood, see our cedar wood saunas. Or choose from various materials like Canadian Hemlock, aspen, or pine and imagine yourself in the quiet woods taking in the smells and sounds of nature!

Wet Sauna

“Wet” sauna refers to the practice of adding water over the hot stones of your sauna heater. A wet sauna refers also to a room constructed of softwood with a single heater that is capable of reaching temperatures of about 190º Fahrenheit. The high temperature produces a very dry environment with extremely low humidity. The soft wood does not get too hot and the dry air is void of moisture. When you pour water over the rocks in the heating unit, it creates a burst of steam, which creates moisture, therefore the name, “wet” sauna. The burst of steam also causes a rush of super-hot air, momentarily creating an exceptionally hot environment. 

What are the health benefits of Traditional Sauna?

  • Elevated heart rate due to increased body temperature
  • Weight loss and caloric burn due to increased metabolism
  • Release of fat-soluble toxins and toxic chemicals
  • Respiratory relief due to hot, moist air generated by steam
  • Enhanced blood flow leading to improved circulation
  • Endorphin release due to increased heart rate
  • Enhanced skin tone due to the opening of pores
  • Cellulite reduction through weight loss
  • Cardiovascular conditioning due to increased heart rate
  • Enhanced immune system due to increased body temperature

Embrace Modernity: Infrared Saunas

A more contemporary innovation in this space are infrared saunas, which were developed and patented in 1965. An infrared sauna emits far infrared light waves to warm your body directly through the skin, instead of heating the air around you. In these instances, the air in the room or sauna does not heat up because the infrared waves heat up your body through the magic of science. 

Check out our range from leading brands like Maxxus Saunas and Golden Designs.

What is low EMF, ultra-low EMF, or near-zero EMF?

EMF in this case stands for electromagnetic frequency. EMF is emitted from most electronic devices including infrared heaters that power an infrared sauna. Everything generates its own magnetic field. The Earth has its own Geo-Magnetic Field. This field/wave causes an imaginary energy line from North to South which is used by animals for navigation. Artificial electromagnetic fields are caused by human activities and technologies (from appliances, cell phones to high voltage wires). 

Many people care about EMF as they may be sensitive to these signals or have concerns about the health risks of EMF. While we won’t go into the science of EMF here, just know that if you have concerns about the emitting EMF signals of your home sauna purchase, then using our convenient filters to find low EMF, near-zero EMF, and ultra-low EMF saunas.

Outdoor Retreats and Special Designs

Have you been daydreaming about all the ways to level-up your backyard? Our outdoor saunas are just the ticket! If you’re looking to get the “woah cool!” reaction from your friends, then you’ll need to check out our barrel design saunas, and we even have saunas of different shapes and still get you the cool-factor, as well.

Depending on your available space to install a sauna, we have corner saunas to maximize fit or wheelchair-accessible saunas to ensure everyone can join in the relaxation.

By The Numbers: Saunas for Every Group Size

Whether you're enjoying some alone time, relaxing with your spouse, or hosting a nude party, we’ve got you covered:

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Are you still with us? The magic of saunas doesn't have to stop at the types we've already explored. In fact, saunas have been continually innovated upon, offering specific functionalities and designs that cater to diverse requirements and tastes.

One-of-a-kind Sauna Experiences

Barrel Saunas: Giving Tradition a Little Twist

If traditional charm coupled with appealing aesthetics is your thing, then you'll love our barrel saunas. Shaped like logs on their side, these saunas make use of efficient air flow to maintain an even temperature throughout. They are really popular as outdoor saunas, meshing seamlessly with outdoor settings.

Hybrid Saunas: The Perfect Blend

Torn between the charm of tradition and the convenience of infrared? Get the best from both worlds with our hybrid infrared-traditional saunas. Experience both the deep, soothing warmth of a traditional sauna and swift heat wave penetration characteristic of infrared in one session. Brands such as Dynamic Sauna and Enlighten are ahead in this avant-garde category.

Finnish Wet Steam Saunas: Plunge into Tradition Headfirst

Our array of traditional Finnish wet steam saunas takes you down the lane of traditions, enabling you to enjoy saunas that mirror the Finnish style, competing with water cascading over heated stones for a lush, vaporous embrace.

Boost Your Sauna Experience with some Must-have Extras!

Lights: Set off your mood using our tailor-made lighting range. Whether it's a gentle shimmer you're after or fiery colors, we've got something to suit your fancy.

Sauna Bathing Supplies: Ranging from sauna accessories like back rests, cup holders, essential oils, and Himalayan pink crystal salt, we havae all to morph your sauna experience into a pampering retreat.

Towel Wraps and Robes: Stay cushy and chic with our selection of towel wraps or bath robes. They aren't only practical – they set the style bar too!

Genuine Saunas for Every Wallet Size

No matter how much you're willing to dish out, we have saunas designed to suit every budget. Check out:

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"Adding a sauna isn't just about injecting luxury into your home; it's about investing in your own wellness."

In a nutshell, there's no shortage of diverse options when it comes to saunas. Whether you're old-school at heart, itching for innovation or somewhere in between, we've got a sauna ready and waiting with your name on it. Dive right into our wide-ranging collections at eSteamedSaunas.com and begin an unrivaled journey towards serenity!

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