Top 10 Pitfalls in Purchasing a Home Sauna

Top 10 Pitfalls in Purchasing a Home Sauna

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Indulging in a sauna bath has been renowned throughout the centuries as a relaxing, stress-relieving activity with key health perks. If you're contemplating on welcoming this luxurious amenity to the coziness of your home, it's vital to navigate the complex purchasing process with finesse. Here, we explore scientifically corroborated tips to bypass ten common blunders when investing in a home sauna.

  1. Neglecting Individual Needs and Desires: Be it Traditional, Infrared, or Steam - each sauna variant boasts distinctive benefits and experiences. Hence, knowing your specific predilections and health considerations is paramount prior to settling with a sauna model.

  2. Glossing Over Essential Measurements: Misjudging dimensions can prompt an ill-fitting sauna, burdening you with surplus expenses or obtrusive installations. Factor in future usage patterns and allocate ample space for both comfort and practicality.

  3. Overlooking Electrical Capacities: Sauna varieties and sizes have distinct power specifications. For example, larger traditional saunas typically require a 220V outlet, whereas smaller or infrared units might need just a 110V outlet. Ignoring this detail could invite electrical dilemmas.

  4. Sidestepping a Trained Electrician: Recruiting a certified electrician for a professional installation ensures adherence to safety norms, thus fending off dangerous scenarios. A minor slip in the electrical configuration can lead to unfortunate accidents or damage to your sauna.

  5. Trading Quality for Economies: Although budgets are key, spending wisely on a superior sauna quality promises longevity and sterling performance. Affordable models might offer instant economies, but could mean a shorter life span or extra maintenance costs.

  6. Failing to Validate Material Quality: Saunas, particularly traditional ones, demand robust material due to continuous heat exposure. A sauna lined with non-toxic, durable, and heat-resilient woods like Cedar or Hemlock is advisable.

  7. Turning a Blind Eye to Ventilation: Satisfactory ventilation plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal air quality inside a sauna. Poor ventilation could tarnish your sauna bathing experience.

  8. Neglecting an Energy Efficiency Evaluation: Power consumption varies depending on the type and size of the sauna. Failing to factor in energy efficiency could render your sauna experience less delightful due to ballooning energy bills.

  9. Disregarding the Warranty: A solid warranty not only reflects the quality and durability of a sauna but also offers you a breather. Ensuring to review the coverage and term of the warranty is indispensable.

  10. Overlooking Post-Purchase Maintenance: Each sauna type will have its unique maintenance needs. Infrared saunas, for instance, require less upkeep compared to traditional saunas. Remember to factor in cleaning, ventilation, and other maintenance tasks when deciding which sauna to select. Learn more on our blog: How to care for your infrared sauna • How to care for your wet / dry sauna • How to care for your dry sauna.

Choosing to install a sauna at home is an incredible wellness investment. Nonetheless, recognizing your specific needs, anticipating potential installation roadblocks, and making an educated decision can significantly elevate your sauna experience. Here's to a relaxed and rejuvenating sauna journey!

Remember: Always do your own research, and consult a professional when needed!

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